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ECE Marketing believes and holds on to a comprehensive and plenary approach to marketing and distribution anchored in the whole concept of the 3Cs of marketing (Company, Competition and Consumer) and the marketing mix (Product, Price, Placement or Distribution and Promotions).

At present ECE Marketing has the 3-point advantage in its distribution and marketing. First one is, in the case of Cosmetique Asia’s Products, ECE distributes aggressively its product targeting at 100% placement in all the possible channels of distribution, starting from Key Accounts, Supermarkets, Groceries, Department Stores, Convenient Stores, Drugstores, Chain Stores, Sari-Sari Stores, Public Markets, and the like.

ECE’s clout in the existing serviced areas and accounts is undoubtedly unquestionable. Its proven relationship and services with the existing trade partners is a sure win for existing and prospect principals and companies.

Second one, in the case of Food Category Distribution of Lacto Premium and Lacto Plus Premium and as well as EnerA Plus multivitamins, ECE aside from performing the previously stated endeavors it executed in the distribution of Cosmetique Asia’s product jumps overboard in as much as providing comprehensive marketing support when given good and attractive discount and as well as exclusive distributorship nationwide. This is in terms of providing tri-media suppport, outdoor and in-store merchandising, promo girls, refillers, promotional efforts like sampling, bundling, redemption and the like.

The third one, ECE as the leading distributor of generic medicines coupled with its service items like branded medicines has very formidable position in drugstores, dealers, wholesalers and retailers all over the island. Drugstores considered as the most potent distribution channel can give any product a “take-off” and “push’ especially in sales generation (increase), brand recall, brand familiarity and others.

ECE Marketing is equipped with the state-of-the-art kind of program which is capable of handling inventories, invoicing, receiving, receivable management and even generate ample reports needed like offtake tracking, sales trending, and other pertinent reports. Such program enables branches to interact with each other and exchange vital information and data.

ECE marketing has all the needed logistics to run distribution. It has highly trained personnel in every important division of the company i.e. sales, inventory, delivery, warehouse, collection, office personnel and the like. ECE also has good number of vehicles for sales and delivery to effectively and efficiently service its clients and customers.

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